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Dude yea, this community rox ;-) So anywho..I had this really,… - A Dream Community Journal

About Dude yea, this community rox ;-) So anywho..I had this really,…

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Dude yea, this community rox ;-)

So anywho..I had this really, really random dream last night...

Part 1:

I was at some mall with my mom and brother and there were all these Indian and Arab people around everywhere, and we were all in this food court type of area in the mall, but it was like more off to the side more...if ya know what I mean.. So anyway somehow we started talking to this one Indian lady with her baby, and they both looked pretty poor, and I felt really bad that we couldn't help them or anything. Then I looked around and most of the other people there looked pretty poor too, but we couldn't help them at all, so we just sat at our table. Then these Arab and Indian people kept telling us that it they were OK, because their rich grandmother was going to be coming in a little while and she was going to take care of everybody. Then these 'guards' came up to us and moved us out of the way so their royal grandmother could come down the hallway.

Part 2:

Somehow, (don't ask me how, it's a dream, right?) we got back home and my mom was really sad, so I decided to call this completly random couple from church, and they said that they could come over. So while I was waiting for them, I decided to go hang out outside, and I ended up with Rachel and Megan way out somewhere. Rachel wanted to go to the park or something...I forget exactly what...so Megan and I took a walk, and we saw Mrs. Boice's (The lady who I had just called to come over) daughter, and she had a baby.

Part 3:

I was in a big theatre-audotorium like place, filled with people (I think they were mainly supposed to be from church?) and we were watching Bambi. Then me, Moriah, Melody and Phil went up front so we could see better, and Melody kept messing with the screen and it kept making this really loud, obnoxious squeaking noise.

Then my borther yelled at me to wake up because mom was home with the groceries. Then I wooke up and he was at the kitchen table making this really loud, obnoxious squeaking noise with a ton of styrophome and popsicle sticks.

So yea, that was my dream(s). I'm not really sure anymore if it was all one dream or not...they don't really seem to fit together very much... especially the part about the Arabs and the Boices. But oh well...that's dreams for you.

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Date:July 12th, 2004 01:29 pm (UTC)
Eeek! As moderator of this community (I love saying that) it's my duty (unofficially) to welcome you.

Welcome!!!!! =] I'm so excited you joined.

Your dream was awesome. Haha. Most dreams really dont make a ton of sense. It's so weird how that when you're actually in the dream, everything seems totally normal and not all f***ed up. And when you wake up it's like, DUDE how did I not know that was a dream?! Teehee.
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