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3 Dreams - A Dream Community Journal

About 3 Dreams

Previous Entry 3 Dreams Jun. 29th, 2004 @ 03:16 pm Next Entry
I had 3 dreams last night at Katy's. Can you say "hella tight"?!

1. I was at some funky movie with Austin A. (went to school with him at st. willie's). I swear I don't still like him.. duh.. I have a boyfriend. ANYWAYS.. heh heh.. we walked out of the theaters because we were gonna go make out. We were just about to when BOOM! Austin whips out a purse and asks me, "Want any lipstick?" Turns out that he's gay! I mean, damn, Austin who could have gotten almost any girl he wanted at St. WIllies... gay. SO I'm friggen pissed off and I'm all like, "Fag." And I walk back into the theaters to finish watching the funky movie. The end.

2. I was under arrest for something. I dunno what. As a punishment or something, they made me sit on a swing at like, spin on the swing. You know how you twist the swing and when you let go, you're going in circles? Well, yeah. Then I notice that the person who was watching me left so I decide to try to escape. I run away, but I am dizzy as hell and can't run straight. Haha. So I end up getting caught and they throw me to the ground. I'm laying there crying into the grass (face down) when an officer comes up and kicks me in the stomach. I think I saw some guy coming behind the officer to rescue me or something, but then Katy-dear woke me up. *sigh*

3. It was me, Katy, Kyei, and Abby and we were hanging out with Ashton Kutcher (spelling?). Except he's our age. And doesn't have Demi. HAHA. He kind of acted like Curtis. And we were just chillin'. The end.

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Date:July 3rd, 2004 08:07 am (UTC)
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