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alright my dream started out with a few friends and we were riding… - A Dream Community Journal

About alright my dream started out with a few friends and we were riding…

Previous Entry Jul. 18th, 2004 @ 09:12 pm Next Entry
alright my dream started out with a few friends and we were riding bikes reallyyyyy fast and at some point my whole bike was like on a large slant and i didnt even crash or anything so i thought that was pretty cool anyways lets get to the good part. so for some reason now im in my bed and theres like this voice in the room thats like, "Go to sleep little mouse go to sleep beware of evil men." So right, i suddenly know that 2 guys are coming to kill me so i get under my covers and close my eyes. And all of a sudden a black guy and a white guy come in and one of them are swinging a chain right above my nose so somehow i cant remember i was like talking with the black guys and the white guy was sitting on the edge of my bed not wanting to kill me and like all these people barge into my room and like kill the guys. lol SO THEN! im at school telling Mark about my dream so we go all the way back to that scene. And it starts all over this time the guys have like chainsaws and i start screaming "HELLLPP!!" AND I RUN TOWARDS THE DOOR AND THERES LIKE 6 GIRLS THAT ARE TRYING TO KILL ME!!? all of them i know but i wont name them all they're all like 18 or below whatever anyways so they hand me a gun and tell me to go shoot my mom. right. so i walk down the stairs and..
me: *fake sob* mom they want me to shoot you
her: yeah, okay what do you want in this cake mix?
her: yeah.
me: god dammit.
so i walk towards the edge of the stairs so all the girls wont see me and they walk down the stairs and im thinking o man i hope this thing has more than six bullets. Right so they come down the stairs and i shoot like 3 of them through the chest and one through the finger? and i miss 2 times and i start running towards the kitchen. one of the girls like is holding me and i dont know why she would be doing that when she doesnt even have a weapon. anyhow my mom SUDDENLY OUT OF NOWHERE TAKES A KNIFE AND TRIES TO STAB HER AND ALMOST STABS ME SO IM SCREAMING AT HER TO PUT THE FREAKING KNIFE DOWN. anyhow in the end lol the girl "holding me hostage" went away quietly? and then i woke up. it was longer than it sounded.
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Date:July 18th, 2004 08:31 pm (UTC)
haha.. cake mix.

Sweet dream. Why does everyone wanna kill you?! Hehe.. they must be jealous of your awesome dreams. Or something. Ya know.
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Date:July 19th, 2004 08:55 pm (UTC)
lol ..funnny dream .. and yeah i wonder why everyone wants to kill you
oo and i love the icon .. october fall is awesome
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